Welcome to Kobe Belle

Kobe, surrounded by the sea and mountains, is a commerce-driven city in the Kansai region, 
similar to Kyoto and Osaka.

Since it opened for trade in 1868, various people, cultures, lifestyles, and cuisines have come to the city from various countries.

Kobe has evolved into a stylish and fashionable city.

There have been many confectioneries and bakeries over the years, and they have become familiar to local people.

ŸBelle opened its doors 88 years ago.


In 1927, Seiichi Tounaka founded 
the Kobe confectionery/cafe, 
naming it Tokyo Kimuraya.

In 1936, after an initial success, 
a second shop opened.

In 1947, facing the aftermath of World War II, many
Japanese businesses were left smoldering in ashes.  

Mr. Tounaka overcame a number of challenges to rebuild his French confectionery, launching production and distribution arms.

  The front and inside of the shop in the early 1960s.

In 1954, the company's name changed to gBelle,h the French word for gbeautiful.h Current CEO Hiroyoshi Tounaka did so to make the company more familiar and easier to read.

The store front in the late 1960s


The store front in the late 1970s          


Meanwhile, skilled pastry chefs from Europe were invited to give technical training to improve quality.

@(The photo taken in the early 1960s) 

In 1995

A huge earthquake occurred. Shops and Factories were severely damaged. In spite of the disaster, the main factory recovered quickly and resumed operations just a few months later. This was a big step toward the recovery for devastated people of the region.

Sannomiya Cener Shopping Street
@(the main shop is circled)

The Hanshin Expressway, close to the main factory, was toppled.

From 2005, the role of service areas started changing. No longer locations where people stretched their legs and used restrooms, they became places of enjoyment. Belle developed new products to reflect its acclimation to that change.

These are iconic Belle cakes.

31 centimeters long cake series
œJuicy Marmalade Roll
A cake with marmalade rolled by a Castella-style sponge (egg included). Roll cakes are quite popular in Japan; there are several types, but this one in particular is special because of its homemade taste.

œHandmade Marble Cakes - Original and Tea Flavors
Beautiful cakes with marble patterns, they are light and a pleasure to eat. These stylish and slender cakes grew popular at service areas.

These cakes have slim and long shape, and look stylish and got popular at Service Areas.

œFruit Lady
Soft bread with many kinds of fruits including oranges, apples, cherries, raisins, and other dried fruits. It has a 26cm diameter. @

In most similar breads, 20-30% of the loaf consists of fruit, but a full half of the Fruit Lady is fruit. You can imagine how delicious it is. Thanks to the size and fruity taste, this popular item sells out daily.

Awaji Service Area

Long Cake

Fruit Lady

Akashi Serive Area

Fruit Lady


Nishinomiya/Nashio Serivce Area


Fruity "melon bread" (a type of sweet bun) available only at Nashio Service Area

Miki Service Area


Bread,Long Cake